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Jenilyn D.

We have been customers since April 2013 and couldn't be happier with our vehicles, their customer service and their in-house finance! Yesterday, my husband and I traded in the vehicles we bought from Auto Deals, for newer and better cars.  We can not be more grateful for what Alex and Doug did for us.  Thank you so much!  A little note for readers...If you see any negative reviews regarding repossessions, just know that those reviews were written by people who did not pay their deferment payments on the date they were due.  The agreement on deferments are understood when signing the contracts, so there should be no surprises!  On regular monthly payments, we never had an issue with potential repossession.  Communication with their finance company is key!  If you're responsible, you will be happy with Auto Deals and your vehicle!


Ranger, D.

They like to say all the things people like to here. They lie they lie and they lie ! Total used car grade A assholes !! Go search else where but not here.


Tj S.

edward is a crook!! con artist. i paid part od down pmt other was due in a month i thought he is taking my car due to type o and will not return my money. car. piece off shit. i am disabled woman have been spoken to horribly. he actually said he will have my money and car. it has not even been a week.nightmare dont go there they are con artists.they will take.  everuthing u left with nothing. i have filed formal complaints eith the state to resolve. just give my money back