Das Lidl Auto, the super German offers in renting the Fiat 500 for 89 € month

Fiat 500

The emergence of new sales platforms in the automotive sector, puts from nerves to dealers . Amazon has already made its first steps and even the Chinese giant Alibaba has dared to do so. However, we still had to see how other companies, foreign to this world, want their share of the pie. Thus, Das Lidl Auto was born, the platform through which the German food wholesaler will sell cars in renting mode.

The model that have chosen Das Lidl Auto to start this commercial journey has not been chosen at random. Thus, the Fiat 500 1.2 Fire 69 HP and Pop Star termination will become spearhead, serving as a probe balloon. The reason for choosing this model is simple: it has a overwhelming personality . In addition, it is economical to acquire and is a point in its favor so that Lidl can offer a demolition price.

A Fiat 500 for € 89 is what Lidl offers, will it arrive in Spain?

Fiat 500 Mirror

The Fiat 500 that offers us Das Lidl Auto has a monthly cost of only 89 euros with VAT and taxes included. But also, we can configure the model to our liking, always maintaining motorization and completion. Thus, we can choose the following elements: color , duration of the contract, annual mileage, pick-up location (Erfurt, Halle and Berlin), and optional (Insurance and maintenance and Tires of winter).

So that Lidl can offer this new vehicle sales service in renting mode, it has established an alliance with a financial institution . The Banco Santader , through the wholesaler, is the one in charge of formalizing the operation with the clients. In the case of compulsory civil liability insurance, Lidl collaborates directly with the German company Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung .

The only drawback of this commercial action is that it is limited in time and units. Thus, in a first contact, Das Lidl Auto will be active until the next April 30 or 1,000 Fiat 500 (which was previously exhaust). After that, they will study the success (or failure) of the action and will study if they maintain it over time, and even export it to other countries in the area. For now, there is no information that can reach Spain , but being after the offer Santander , who knows?

If you want to know more , at the source you have the link to the Lidl website. It explains in detail all the details of the offer.

Source - Lidl

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